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Hand Dyed Silks
 -Noil Chamois
Silk Adaptation
Shop by Color
  -Champagne Blush
  -Cabbage Rose
  -Sweet Pea
  -Terra Cotta
  -Coral Rose
  -Cedar Rose
  -Coral Sherbet
  -Cerise Gerbera
  -Wild Poppy
  -Candy Apple
  -Terra Cotta
  -Coral Rose
 -Oranges & Yellows
  -Pearl Rosaprima
  -Lemon Lime
  -Sunny Day
 -Warm Greens
  -Green Algae
  -Bronzed Olive
  -Pearl Rosaprima
  -Lemon Lime
 -Cool Greens
  -Spring Green
  -Green Mist
  -Evening Sage
  -Pink-Kissed Mint
  -Light Grass
  -Fresh Mint
 -Blues & Aquas
  -Tropical Sea
  -Ocean Blue
  -Coastal Fog
  -Island Blue
  -Provincial Sky
  -French Blue
  -French Indigo
  -Arctic Blue
  -Aged Bark
  -Opal Gray
  -Old Picket Fence
  -Coastal Fog
  -Gothic Brown
  -Green Algae
  -Pearl Rosaprima
  -Café Au Lait
  -Brown Garnet
  -Vintage Pansy
  -Violet Blue
  -Provincial Sky
Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon
 -All Shades
 -Ribbon Sets
 -Color Groups
  -From Pink to Plum
  -Creams, Yellows, Oranges and Reds
  -Neutral Shades
  -Blues, Teals and Aquas
  -Cooler Shades of Green
  -Warm and Mossy Shades of green
Ribbon Embroidery Kits
 -My Craftsy Class Kits
 -Complete Instructions
Crinkle Rose
Flower Therapy
 -Flower Kits
 -Needlebook Kits
 -Easel Display Kits
Velvet Pincushion & Ornament Kits
 -Stacked Turbans
Tokens of Love, Friendship, Reflection
 -Patterns & Instructions
 -Fabric Ephemera
Basic Necessities
Claire Bear Design
Little Art Woven Hearts
New Hand-Dyed Shades
 -Silk Ribbon
 -Noil Chamois

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