Silk ribbon Zinnias, made from 13mm and 7mm hand-dyed silk ribbon

Helpful Hints

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Fun but brief history on the discovery of silk Washing instructions for Silk Fabrics How to Interface Silk with a Fusible-Knit Interfacing  Tutorial for folding the Quiltagami Frog in fabric!

Silk Fun Facts    Washing Silk    Interfacing Silk    Quiltagami Frog


Make the Gathered Rose!   Cartonnage Laminating Basics!  Cartonnage Cardboard Cutting Basics!  Cartonnage Pad & Wrap Basics!

Gathered Rose    Laminating Basics     Cardboard Cutting     Pad & Wrap


Vogue V9165 Cutting Guide Additional Details! 

V9165 Cutting Guide Details

Ribbon Embroidery Basics!

Ribbon Embroidery Basics





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