Silk ribbon Zinnias, made from 13mm and 7mm hand-dyed silk ribbon

#SRE 201 Learn The Basics Beginning Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit
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The beginning Silk Ribbon Embroidery kit contains 3.5mm and 7mm silk ribbon for practicing basic ribbon embroidery stitches and to create the cover design shown.�

It also contains fabric to embroider onto, a size 22 chenille need and complete instructions.�

The kit is meant to help you Learn The Basics with inexpensive silk ribbon, but at the same time create something really sweet that can be framed.� When you have completed the floral embroidery, use the kit label as ephemera to frame your finished piece.

The kit is available with three different fabric backdrops - Blue, Pink and Beige.

Learn the Basics, Blue BackgroundLearn the Basics, Pink BackgroundLearn the Basics, Beige Background

Blue Background and Ephemera ����� Pink Background and Ephemera ���� Beige Background and Ephemera



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