Silk ribbon Zinnias, made from 13mm and 7mm hand-dyed silk ribbon

Hand-Dyed Collections

The hand-dyed Collections are a wonderful way to create your own collection of my hand-dyed silks.  The Collections are comprised of several options:

1.  The Small Set - Silk Fabrics: 8" x 11" pieces of velvet, fancy jaquard, noil chamois and matelasse ( 1 each); Trim Card: 1 yard each cluny lace, ric rac and 1/8" velvet ribbon; Silk Ribbons: 1 each 3.5mm ( 3 yd) and 7mm (2 yd) cards.

2.  The Large Set - Silk Fabrics: 8" x 44" silk pieces of velvet and matelasse (1 each), Fat quarter of noil chamois (one), 8" x 11" fancy jacquard (one), 1/4 yard x 42" wide organza (one);  Trim Card: 1 yard each cluny lace, ricrac and 1/8" velvet ribbon;  Trim card: 1 yard each 1/4" velvet ribbon, 3/8" double-face silk satin ribbon, 1/2" velvet ribbon;  Silk Ribbons: 1 each 2mm (4 yd), 3.5mm (3 yd), 7mm (2 yd), 13mm and 32mm silk ribbon ( 1 yd each).

3.  A La Carte - Choose from Cluny lace trim card, Velvet ribbon trim card, silk ribbon set.

 SMALL SET             LARGE SET                                                                       

Hydrangea hand-dyed sall silk collection Hydrangea hand-dyed large collection


Hydrangea hand-dyed silk ribbon set Hydrangea hand-dyed trim set from Mary Jo Hiney Designs Hydrangea Velvet ribbon trim set from Mary Jo Hiney Designs

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