Silk ribbon Zinnias, made from 13mm and 7mm hand-dyed silk ribbon

the Ribbon Muse

the Ribbon Muse, designed by MJ Hiney the Ribbon Muse kitThe Ribbon Muse is an imaginary and whimsical design collection from Mary Jo that combines many of her favorite techniques... silk ribbon embroidery, ribbonwork, floss embroidery and bead embroidery. 

Each design is sized to be finished or framed at 7 1/2" x 9 1/2". 

Mary Jo has planned 2 years of designs, so far, for the Ribbon Muse, debuting each one at 2 month intervals.  You are encouraged to offer shapely ideas for Mary Jo to create!

Each kit is plentiful with Mary Jo's hand-dyed silk ribbons and fabrics, along with embroidery floss, beads, sequins, needles, some essentials for working each design and complete, full-color instructions.

The Flamingos design kicks off the collection. but you will want to collect them all!

For a limited time, these brand new kits are being offered at a discounted price.

Designs are also available as Complete Instructions Only, for those who prefer to use their own ribbons, fabrics, floss, beads, sequins and needles.


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