Little Art Woven Hearts

Creative Heart in Pink

Our Little Art Woven Hearts can be chosen as One-Of-A-Kind finished hand-made pieces, or as kits that you make yourself.

Each Little Art Woven Heart measures 5" x 7" finished. 

Our one-of-a-kind finished pieces contain the Little Art and an A7 envelope.  

Little Art Woven Heart Kits contain:  A7 envelope, 3.5mm silk ribbon, batting, cover stock and our original-designed graphics, instructions with patterns, railroad board, silk dupioni base fabric.  Railroad board, cover stock and original graphics are cut to size.  To complete each Little Art, you will need: 3" disposable paint roller, Aleene's original formula Tacky Glue, bodkin or other similar item for weaving, double-sided and transparent tapes, fabric and embroidery-sized scissors, glue tray, gluing surface, iron/ironing surface, rags to keep hands clean, sewing machine, spray starch (optional), machine threads.  Can embroider heart shape by hand if preferred. 

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