Hand-dyed silk velvet from Mary Jo Hiney Designs

Crinkle Rose

Crinkle Rose kit from Mary Jo Hiney Designs

A beautifully luscious rose made with hand-dyed silk organza, matelasse and velvet, created using a fabric-crinkling technique.  

Kit contains 3" x 42"-long strips of hand-dyed silk organza in two shades (one for rose and one for leaves/stem) 3" x 45"- long strip of hand-dyed silk matelasse for rose, silk/rayon velvet for rose buds, silk dupioni for calyx, pipe cleaners, instructions.  Supplies in this kit will make one 4"-diameter Crinkle Rose.  Some additional basic sewing supplies needed are listed in kit instructions. 

Uses for your Crinkle Rose... wear as a brooch by pinning it in place, pin to a beautiful hat, wear at your neck with a classic white shirt and soft drapey bow, add several to a pillow or box top, use in a small vignette, display with your collection of mercury glass, wrap onto a headband for the little one in your life, or for you, add to a handbag to make it fancy, give one each to all your girlfriends, include it atop a special gift, make one just because it's so pretty and fun! 

Crinkle Rose kits from Mary Jo Hiney Designs

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