Tokens of Love, Friendship, Reflection

            Tokens of Love and Friendship            Tokens of Reflection

Tokens are miniature banners embellished with embroidery, ribbonwork, fabric ephemera, delicate trims, beads and other favorite media mixes.

Each Token makes a lovely gift, as though sending a lasting card to a friend.  Tokens can hang or stand up with an easel or both.
There are 2 categories of Token Designs:
       Love & Friendship - For this group, the fabric ephemera designs are cheerful greetings.
      Reflection - for this group, the fabric ephemera designs are contemplative and a complete statement, yet each design stands alone.
The Tokens collection is easily versatile in a mix & match world of sweet creativity.
       ~ Just want the instructions?  Find them Here
      ~ Kitted designs, which contain all supplies needed except beads and trims, can be found Here.
      ~ Here are the accessories kits of Trim Sets and Beads.
      ~ Have all your own fabrics and beads and trims, but need the Fabric Ephemera designs?
      ~ Want to make a whole kit and kaboodle of Tokens with hand-dyed silks.  Yummy collections are Here. 


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