Hand-dyed silk matelasse from Mary Jo Hiney Designs

Hand-dyed Silk Matelasse has an embossed finish and is perfect for Cartonnage, Mixed Media Design, Art quilts, Baltimore Album Quilts, Applique, Crazy quilting, Sewing and Embellishment of all kinds, available in 60 shades. 

Fabrics are washable by hand in cool water, using a mild soap, such as Ivory or Woolite. 

Colors are subject to slight variations due to the nature of the hand-dye process and the differing textures of each fabric.

Choose from the following sizes:

8" x 11"

8" x 22"

8" x 44"

Fat Quarter (18" x 22")

1/2 yard x 44"-wide

1 yard x 44"-wide


Sand Matelasse
Moss Matelasse
Twig Matelasse
Plum Matelasse
Lime Matelasse
Viola Matelasse
Storm Matelasse
Steel Matelasse
Camel Matelasse

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